Iya Yoruba

Ẹ Káàbọ̀,

I am Ìyá Yorùbá1, a Yorùbá Language Specialist with about 6+ years hands-on experience. I specialize full-time in Teaching Yorùbá as a second language, Translation, Content Creation to mention a few.

I am the founder of Alámọ̀já Yorùbá (The Yorùbá Language Service Provider), and the convener of the popular Yorùbá Summer Camp for children which started in 2019. I am also the author of Collection of Yorùbá Verbs, a book targeted at helping beginners understand how Yorùbá verbs are used.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Yoruba and Communication Arts from the prestigious Lagos State University and a Masters in Yorùbá Literature and Culture.

Over the years, I have worked with individuals, businesses and organizations to manage their Yorùbá-based projects ranging from Translations, Transcriptions, Voice-overs, to Movie Subtitles. I have subtitled Over 30 Yorùbá Movies.

I tutor and mentor people of different ages and tribes across the globe on how to fluently Speak and perfectly Read/Write in Yorùbá Language.

I am on a mission to raise a unique generation of Yorùbá speakers, writers and readers.

What my Clients say about me

The structure is useful and encourages immediate language use with practical examples. This is the first language class that has allowed me to advance quickly from no knowledge to writing, speaking, and being able to understand some words and sentences in just a few weeks. The focus on grammar and useful language practice is beneficial to my growing writing and conversation skills in the language. This class has been a good mental exercise and the instruction has encouraged me to keep learning. It is not a boring class, and I am excited to continue to learn and practice this language in the long-term.
Sundiata Akínkúnmi Toure
United States
I am learning more than I ever thought I could!
O. Felix
Olufunke U. Felix
United States
These classes have accelerated my learning beyond all my expectations. The lessons are well-structured and appropriately paced and fun! Iya Yoruba is a kind, generous and patient instructor and a consummate professional. I am astonished at how quickly she helped me gain confidence in starting to converse in Yoruba. What I've been trying to do on my own for years she has accomplished in a matter of a few weeks. I especially appreciate the video recordings of our lessons and the working document we use for our notes. I'm honored to recommend her.
Dequendre Neeley-Bertrand
United States
Classes with Iya Yoruba are the highlight of my day. The classes are tailored to my interest and learning style, while still teaching me the standard basics for Yoruba. The pace of learning is quickened when I am understanding and absorbing everything, and the pace of the class slows down when I need more understanding on a certain topic. Iya Yoruba is patient, engaging and well informed about the Yoruba language. I can see my own progress and I have become a conversational speaker in just under 4 months.
Y. Felix
United States
The instructor is knowledgeable, able to teach the concepts, structure and grammar. She is also patient and approaches her work with a lot of humour.
Oreoluwa, L
Lagos, Nigeria
You take your time to explain to the children and you are able to work through their idiosyncrasies. The children look forward to class and feel sad when they think they have offended Oluko. This, to me, shows a teacher who is able to communicate with the students and that is a great plus in teaching.
N. Kelechi-Uloh
Lagos, Nigeria