Ìyá Yorùbá

I am a Yorùbá Language Specialist with about 6+ years of hands-on experience in Yoruba Language Pedagogy and Curriculum Building. I specialize full-time in Teaching Yorùbá as a second language, Translation, Content Creation to mention a few. I am the founder of Alámọ̀já Yorùbá (The Yorùbá Language Service Provider), and the convener of the popular Yorùbá Summer Camp for children which started in 2019.  I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Yoruba and Communication Arts from the prestigious Lagos State University and a Masters in Yorùbá Literature and Culture. Over the years, I have worked with individuals, businesses and organizations to manage their Yorùbá-based projects ranging from Translations, Transcriptions, Voice-overs, to Movie Subtitles. I have subtitled Over 30 Yorùbá Movies. I tutor and mentor people of different ages and tribes across the globe on how to fluently Speak and perfectly Read/Write in Yorùbá Language. I am on a mission to raise a unique generation of Yorùbá speakers, writers and readers.